Pergolas and Arbors are wooden landscape structures that add room to your living area, form shaded walkways, extend pavillions or are simply used as garden features.

A variety of pergolas without any roof cladding. They're aesthetically pleasing and are good for increased airflow, but will not offer much shelter from the rain. It's a good thing we live in a desert.

These pergolas feature a ridged or peaked roof, and are recognizable for their triangular shape. They're attractive, and offer good protection from the elements, and allow for water runoff.

A more traditional type of pergola and the most common - the top is covered by long wooden slats laid out parallel to each other, with enough space between them to let sunlight through.

Criss-crossing slats create a trellis-effect on the top of these pergolas. Perfect if you want to install vines or run creepers through your garden.


Imagine beautiful shelter where you can escape to for a quiet moment or share a boisterous evening with friends.

Gazebos are the classic shaded structures. Add these beautiful structures to your garden, patio, yard or poolside and watch them transform your property. Custom built, they can be fitted to include your preferences in mind. Be it some addtional lighting, or a louge space for the kids to play, they are a gardens must have.


Summer doesn't have to mean you retreat indoors. Continue relaxing near the pool or in the yard, shielded from the mid-day sun by our high quality umbrellas. Our umbrella offerings come in a variety of options such as square pole or round pole & natural or artificial finishes.

These usually fit through a hole on a patio table and are attached to a base. They can also be stand alone. They are generally opened in a pop-up style.

Umbrellas in which the pole is set at the side and secured to its own base; this umbrella hangs over the table or area without a pole in the middle to get in the way.

Enormous center pole umbrellas, even a single one of these can shade an entire party.

Apart from Pergolas, Gazebos and Umbrellas, we also offer a variety of other backyard-related constructions, ranging from common outdoor lounges, pump rooms and chicken coops, to more esoteric tropical constructions. Get in touch with us to see what else we can do for you.

We're very picky about what goes into our clients' backyards. Only the very best natural and synthetic materials will do.

We are also distributors for Africa Fiber Roofing from South Africa – a premier supplier for African fiber thatch in the form of tiles, a perfect match for the hot and humid climate in this region, as its color will remain the same without any deterioration or greying.

  • Fiber thatch is backed by a -10year warranty, and the average life span is between 20-30 years.
  • Synthetic reed lasts longer than natural reed, and requires very little maintenance. Natural reed has a tendency to discolour and deteriorate in hot climates after a couple of years.
  • Synthetic reed is UV protected and will retain its colour almost five times longer.
  • Unlike natural reed, synthetic reed does not catch fire.
  • Natural reed roofs need to be constructed at a pitch of 45 degrees to maintain water tightness, while synthetic reed only needs to be constructed at a pitch of 30 degrees for the same effect.