Pool Anatomy
Pool Anatomy

There is a wide variety of pools from which to choose from. This guide will help you decide on what kind is right for you.

A rectangular, long and narrow pool with lanes for swimmers to practise laps.

Lap Pool

A serene, shallow pool that enhances a picturesque landscape. It is generally not suited for swimming.

Reflecting Pool

A shallow water play area that is perfect for children and toddlers.

Splash Pool

The pool most often found in private homes and resorts. It contains a moderate amount of water that is suitable for swimming and other leisure activities.

Recreation Pool

Similar to a recreation pool, a diving pool also includes a deep end for safe diving.

Diving Pool

The Skimmer Pool is the most common system built for private residential properties, and hence the kind you are most likely to see in your neighbour or your friend’s house. It keeps itself clean thanks to the skimmers that clear debris such as leaves and twigs before they reach the bottom of the pool.

  • Letterbox openings (skimmers) built into the side of the pool walls.
  • Filtration system pulling water through the skimmers to keep the surface clean.
  • Water level 6” (150mm) lower than the surrounding deck.

The Overflow Pool is a pool with a channel built along the perimeter into which water overflows. This creates a striking visual effect, making it seem as though there is a sheet of glass over the water.

  • Constant and complete surface draw in a short period of time.
  • Filtration of dirt and leaves through the channel along the perimeter or the edge.
  • Efficient method of water circulation.
  • A perimeter channel and underground balance tank has to be constructed for water to overflow into.

The Wet Coping Pool works very much like an overflow pool, however instead of having a traditional 20cm wide channel with plastic grating or pebbles, a 3cm opening is created to capture the overflowing water.

  • Water overflows into a discreet ‘slit’ requiring no additional materials such as gratings or pebbles.
  • Overflow opening small enough to offer the most contemporary and minimalistic effect.
  • An underground balance tank has to be constructed for water to overflow into.

The Infinity Pool is a striking luxury design that originated in France. Its design is an optical illusion, leading the viewer to think that the water is merging into the surrounding scenery, giving the impression of a never-ending 'infinity' pool.

  • Water vanishing onto the horizon eliminates the visual barrier between the pool and skyline
  • The water cascades down on one side of the pool and is collected in either a hidden or visible a channel at a lower level.
  • An underground balance tank has to be constructed for water to overflow into.

A shotcrete pool will usually take about 8 weeks to complete.

Shotcrete pools can be constructed in any shape and size, depending on the amount of space available in your yard and the functionality you desire.

Shotcrete, short for shot-concrete, is a construction technology that has been adopted as an industry standard in recent years. Concrete pools are far superior to any other kind of pool in terms of both design versatility and quality. Shotcrete is watertight, dense and an extremely durable construction material that can bond with many materials.

Depths are normally preferred from 0.9 meters at the shallow end and 1.7 meters at the deep, although this too can be tailored to anything you prefer. You can choose the desired shape from our vast collection of designs, or work with us to come up with your own. Unlike prefabricated fiberglass pools, you can let your imagination run wild while designing a concrete pool.

  • Built to last
  • Design versatility
  • Installation time
  • Entry-exit options
  • Low maintenance
  • Choice of finish materials

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